Beekeeping Classes

We offer several beekeeping classes during the year, some for beginners wanting to learn the basics and others for those wanting to dig deeper.

Swarm List Training & Certification

Wednesday, May 3, 7-9 pm
Location: To be announced
Class fee: $25
Class limit: 40 attendees

  • This class will be taught by the Guild's swarm list manager, Bryan Hains, and is required to be active on the Guild's swarm list
  • This is an interactive training session; feedback and suggestions from experienced members are welcome
  • Certification is valid for the current year of your membership
  • The class fee covers cost of room rental and take-home materials such as: Caution tape, instructional handouts, laminated "Bee Rescue in Progress" sign with contact info, etc.

To register and pay for the class, use the guild's online store. (Note: you will need to sign in to your account to have access to the class in the store. It is listed in the 'Classes' section.)