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The Beekeepers’ Guild of San Mateo County offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year related to beekeeping. We provide a range of educational opportunities to suit the varied interests, approaches, and experience levels of our members and surrounding community. Please check back often, as we frequently update this list.

Additionally, we participate in several local events each year, such as the San Mateo County Fair, providing education to the public and a venue for members to sell their goods.

Beginning Beekeeping Class

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Date: Saturday, March 2
Location: Peninsula Feed Store, 346 El Camino Real, Redwood City (map)
Fee: The class is free, but you must ‘purchase’ it for $0 in order to register. We’ll see you there!

Have you been thinking about becoming a beekeeper? Wondering what it’s like to keep bees? Join us for a free class on the basics of beekeeping:

  • Why keep bees
  • Queen, worker, drone: which bee does what?
  • The beekeeper’s year
  • Where and when to get bees
  • Types of beehives (Langstroth, top-bar, Warre)
  • Equipment you’ll need
  • Where and when to get equipment
  • “Beeing” a good neighbor
  • Varroa mites: to treat or not treat, types of treatment
  • Harvesting honey and other hive products
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