Email Discussion Group

The San Mateo County Beekeepers Guild offers an email discussion group for members: a place to share questions, answers, and observations about beekeeping with others in the guild.

Guidelines for Responsible Beekeeping

Our reference for good honeybee management practices.

Annual Hive Census Materials and Reports

Our annual hive census focuses on how well our colonies survived last year, where each hive’s bees came from, where the hive was located, and how it was treated. Our goal is to learn what sources of bees, environmental conditions, and/or management techniques influence colonies to succeed or fail. We are following the format of the Bee Informed Partnership, a national effort to collect information on colony survival that has been used to shape national policy.

Mentor Matchup Program

The Guild’s Mentor Matchup program pairs seasoned beekeepers with newbees, providing both 1:1 mentoring and camaraderie in beekeeping.  To facilitate this program, we run an annual survey to help us match mentors and mentees both geographically and in approach to beekeeping.

Suppliers & Bee Clubs

Contact information for equipment suppliers, bee and queen suppliers, and local and national Beekeeping organizations. Please note that inclusion in this list does not indicate promotion by the Guild. This list is provided as a resource only.

Zazzle Shop — Get Your Guild Gear Now!

The Guild now have a Zazzle shop, where you can purchase t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and other items emblazoned with the Guild’s logo or other bee-related designs. The shop uses Zazzle’s payment collection system, allowing you to pay with debit cards, credit cards, or Paypal. All profits from items sold via the shop support the guild financially. Ready to check it out? Buzz on over to:

Extractor Tips

We’ve put together a handy list of tips on using the Guild’s extractor.

Bee-friendly, Water-wise Gardening in San Mateo County

We offer a Google doc listing plants that grow well in our area, including information on whether they produce pollen or nectar, and bloom season. We also offer a downloadable PDF on Bee-friendly, Water-wise Gardening in San Mateo County.

Bee-friendly Nurseries

Bee-friendly nurseries in or near San Mateo County (Google spreadsheet or Google map).

Book Reviews

So many books on bees and beekeeping… where do you even start?! Check out members’ takes on classics and newer publications. And feel free to for publication on this site.

Member Sites

Some of our members have bee-related web sites — take a peek! If you’d like to add your site to the list, .

Swarm/Hive Removal

If you need assistance with swarm removal or honey bee colony removal, we have you covered.