Becoming a Member/Paying Dues Online
If you are not a member of the Beekeeper's Guild of San Mateo County, or if your membership is not current, you can pay dues online. Doing so will enable you to shop in this site — items available for purchase other than membership (i.e., bee packages, classes, etc.) will be displayed only when you are a current member and are signed in.

Note: Memberships must be renewed at the beginning of each calendar year.

Creating an Account if You Have Paid Dues By Check or Cash
If you have never used the online store before, you need to create an account before you can do so. However, since you're not combining paying dues with the account setup, the account will need to be manually activated by the webmaster. After you have created your account, email the webmaster to let them know you've already paid and they will manually activate your account.

When purchasing a membership or creating a new account in the Guild's online store, please allow 24 hours for the Guild to activate it.

IMPORTANT: For unknown reasons, Hotmail and AOL classify sanmateobeeguild.org as a spam domain, and will not deliver email from it — including order confirmations. We strongly recommend using a different email service for your guild store account!

Package Sales Closed for 2018

We are no longer accepting orders for bee packages or queens in 2018. If you are still hoping to buy bees this year our Suppliers & Bee Clubs page lists a number of local and non-local suppliers. Don't see your favorite supplier on the list? Drop us a note, and we'll add them if we can.

2018 Bee Package Pickup Info

Packages and the queens will be available for pickup on Friday 4/6 from 3-6 pm and Saturday 4/7 from 9 am - 6 pm. Package installation demos at 4:00 on both days. Please bring your receipt.

Pickup location:
930 Laurelwood
San Mateo

IMPORTANT: Please print and bring with you the receipt emailed to you by the shop when you purchased the bees, it serves as your receipt. If you did not receive the confirmation email, your order has possibly not gone through and your packages may not be added to the Guild's order. In such cases, please contact purchases@sanmateobeeguild.org

Problems Creating an Account/Logging In?

We're here to help! Email webmaster@sanmateobeeguild.org

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