If you live on the Peninsula, in San Francisco, or in Northern Santa Clara County, call one of the beekeepers on the swarm list below, and they will come out and retrieve the swarm.

Please note: our beekeepers are not pest control professionals. They are experienced with honey bees and can rescue them unless the bees are too high, in a wall, etc. We remove honeybees only. We are not able to work with wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, carpenter bees or bumblebees. See below for a comparison of honeybees, wasps, and yellow jackets. Also, if the “bees” nest is in the ground, those are not honeybees — they are probably wasps. San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement will remove wasps, contact them at (650) 344-8592).

Bay Side: Brisbane to Palo Alto

wdt_ID City Travel (Miles) Name Phone Email Weekdays Evenings Weekends
67 Foster City 10 Elodie Lorenz 310-741-1980 elodie.lorenz@gmail.com X X
2 Burlingame 10 George Carrenca 650-692-5839 kosfdist@gmail.com X X X
4 San Mateo 20 Kate Terets 415-532-5458   X X X
5 Menlo Park 30 Elizabeth Newell 650-269-9208   painbugs@gmail.com X X X
6 Menlo Park 6 John Burkholder 650-417-1231   john.h.burkholder@gmail.com X X X
7 Palo Alto 30 Art Hall   408-712-0663   artshoney@gmail.com X X X
54 Burlingame 10 Robert Silverstein 650-255-1026 X X
63 Atherton 10 Rick OConnor 650-533-7162 Rickoc_@hotmail.com X X X
66 Belmont 10 Mark Weitz 650-464-1075 mweitz@gmail.com X X X
15 San Carlos 20 Bryan Hains   650-250-4787   bryan.hains@gmail.com X X X
City Travel (Miles) Name Phone Email Weekdays Evenings Weekends

Hills: Woodside, Portola Valley

wdt_ID City Travel (Miles) Name Phone Email Weekdays Evenings Weekends
1 Woodside/PV 20 Konrad Thaler 650-996-2466   Obernkonrad@gmail.com X X X
10 Woodside 15 Julia McDonald 650-464-2840 jmaclatin@gmail.com X
13 Woodside 10 Bill Cervenka 650-365-5548 billcervenka@comcast.net X X X
City Travel (Miles) Name Phone Email Weekdays Evenings Weekends

Coast Side: Daly City to Pescadero

wdt_ID City Travel (Miles) Name Phone Email Weekdays Evenings Weekends
17 Daly City 25 Alla Grankina 650-630-3530 allagran@sbcglobal.net X X X
2 Daly City 10 Russ Morris 650-576-0574   X X
16 Pacifica 30 Peter Menard 408-624-0347 pnmenard@gmail.com X X X
4 Half Moon Bay 30 Raymond Wolfgramm 650-255-9106   X X X
5 Half Moon Bay 12 Gary Butler 650-619-4336   GARY@CURLEYREDS.COM X X X
11 Pacifica 20 Philip Gerrie 650-766-3513 philip@noevalleybees.com X X X
8 San Bruno 15 Ray Levinson 650-303-9358   X X X
10 Pacifica 12 Donald Brda 650-743-4047 helmuthd@yahoo.com X X
14 Pacifica 10 Christina Rimmer 510-290-9460 christinarimmer@yahoo.com X X X
19 Pacifica 20 Mary Pancoast 650-208-9512 shenaromafarm@gmail.com X X
City Travel (Miles) Name Phone Email Weekdays Evenings Weekends

Swarm Reporting for Neighboring Counties

To report a swarm outside of San Mateo County, please contact:

The Beekeepers’ Guild of San Mateo County provides this swarm and honeybee removal contact list as a service to the public. We are neither an oversight or certification organization for beekeepers. If you engage the services of anyone on the list, please be aware that you are engaging the services of that beekeeper as an individual —not hiring them as an agent of the Guild. Problems are rare, but if one occurs, it is a matter between you and the individual that you engaged to handle your bee situation. We welcome feedback but can’t mediate your situation.

Note: if you are on the swarm list and need to update your contact info, please email swarmlistmanager@sanmateobeeguild.org